Mark Goudeau       

    Friends, neighbors, relatives, supporters and spouse have set up this web site for Mark Goudeau, an innocent man wrongfully charged with the Baseline crimes.
We have all known Mark for years.  Some of us all of his life and we know that he is innocent. It pains us to see him portrayed as a monster in the press. We have watched him emerge from his time in prison these past 14 years as a mature, conscientious human being. Defying the usual outcomes of the correctional system, Mark demonstrated exemplary behavior as an inmate.

For example, during the entire 14 years Mark was incarcerated and the full two years after his release, Mark never had a dirty drug test. Not even once. The Department of Corrections, in fact, said Mark's drug tests were "crystal clear." Not only was Mark submitted to drug tests by the parole office since his release from prison in 2004, but also random employee drug tests were required by his employer. All clean. No one who has complied with this required drug testing and has been tested on a regular basis for more than 15 years is going to fool the system. No one.

For the last five years of Mark's incarceration at a Florence facility he was gainfully employed by Sola Industries, a glass manufacturing plant headquartered in Tucson, AZ. Normally prison employees are rotated out after two years of employment, but Mark was retained on by Sola due to his hard work and ethics.

While we are sympathetic for the victims of the heinous crimes for which Mark is wrongfully charged, injustice is compounded in blaming Mark Goudeau and leaving the real perpetrator at large. It should be pointed out that while Mark has been incarcerated the crime spree blamed on Mark continued.  Obviously the police are not going to attribute these as Baseline crimes.

Mark is an easy target for the charges brought against him. Profiling rather than actual proof is the basis of the case. This profiling has falsely concluded Mark was a likely suspect because he had been incarcerated, was on parole, lived in the area where many of the crimes were committed, and was black. It is an accusation born of desperation, not of proof. Under enormous pressure to resolve the case, the police made up their mind to target Mark without any factual evidence and make an arrest. It is convenient for them, but it is neither just or true.

We the people who know Mark’s true profile, understand he could not have committed these crimes. We know him intimately and personally, not as a computer based behavioral profile. We know as a mother knows her child, that he could not have committed these crimes.

The truth will prevail and set Mark free.


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